Thursday, December 17, 2009

the bridal party... part 2

best man.... ryan anderson

ryan is marks younger brother, who will be graduating from IU this spring. mark and ryan have been dog lovers and competitors all their lives and it's only appropriate ryan is mark's best man.

groomsman.... chris mitchell
chris is mark's roommate and best friend from college. Chris and Mark played traveling soccer together as children and loved to go to the nickel arcade. They have been great friends for over 10 years.

groomsman.... kevin pick
kevin and mark met in park ridge indian guides in the comanche tribe. they bonded again in physics class at Maine South and play golf together regularly.

groomsman.... scott wojteczko
mark met scott in the comanche tribe of the park ridge indian guides. they also played traveling soccer and went to high school and U of I together.

groomsman.... neal wehman
neal and mark met in homeroom at mshs. they have been friends and toured together both in door county and miami. neal is a professional musician.

groomsman.... tom

tom and mark met in new york during training for their first jobs out of college. they share common interests in craft beers, lou malnatis, and excel 2003.

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