Monday, November 30, 2009

the bridal party... part 1

I wanted to ask my girls at the same time... which was quite a challenge since at the time only 2 lived in the Chicago area! So I decided to send out this fun attempt at photo shop via e-mail.
here is a round up of my posse!

maid of honor.... libby kuhr
libby is my closest sister in age, and was my roommate all through our childhood. she currently works at the university of wisconsin at madison hospital as a pharmacist (but will hopefully be moving back before the wedding!)

bridesmaid.... caroline schaab
caroline is tina's oldest sister, who is a 5th grade teacher at Field school, and is expecting her first baby in May! her and her husband and their 2 crazy dogs live in morton grove.

bridesmaid... jessica lewis
tina's youngest sister was just married this past may. her and her husband ben live in wrigleyville/lakeview with their crazy dog, and she works in audit for pricewaterhouse cooper.

bridesmaid... sarah anderson
sarah is marks oldest sister, who lives in lakeview. she is a public defense lawyer for dupage county in wheaton and always has great stories!

bridesmaid... allee forester
allee is one of tina's best friends from college. she lives in portland, oregon, where she is in her second year of law school at lewis and clark. while tina and allee will only have seen each other for a total of maybe 10 days between graduation and now, they have stayed in close contact and remained besties!

bridesmaid... alexa baltodano
(tina's best friend/roomie from college)
lex is was tina's best friend all throughout her sc career. they lived together in their sorority house, and have been chasing each other around the country. she is now in her first year of law school at the university of wisconsin at madison.

flower girl... baby girl schaab
baby schaab is due may 24, 2010! she will be tina's first niece and the whole family is very excited!

just to summarize, i have:
3 lawyers (or soon to be lawyers)
2 live in madison
3 live out of state
1 is unborn
and all 7 are very important people in mark and tina's life! i am so excited to have these girls by my side on one of the most important days of my life!

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